I’M IN LOVE WITH YOUR WIFE  –  2007 Midtown International Theatre Festival

STOCK HOME  –  2007 New York International Fringe Festival

Reviews for STOCK HOME: “A provacative and multifaceted piece of work that doesn’t shy away from gallows humor or troublesome conclusions.  Stock Home is a wonderful piece of art, and should be seen.” Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World.com

“Alex Goldberg’s Stock Home reminded me of a damn good Lifetime movie, the kind that titillates, makes you lean in a little closer, and ultimately question the prurient elements of desire.”  Sarah Fones, Curtain Rising Magazine

“One of the strongest casts of the festival.”  Hy Bender, hyreviews.com

“Goldberg is certainly a witty writer, and his wit is especially notable in the hands of these three more-than-capable actors.  Stock Home (is) a worthy evening of theatre.”  Amy Lerner, NY Theatre.com 

I’m In Love With Your Wife was nominated for six MITF Best of the Fest awards and won two awards, including Outstanding Supporting Actress for Katie Kreisler and Outstanding Playwriting for a New Script for Alex Goldberg!  Check out the Wife page for more details.

Reviews for I’M IN LOVE WITH YOUR WIFE: “Thanks to tight staging, a confident and generous cast, and a democratic script full of dizzy twists, this quick-witted piece revels in its shallowness, and a good time is had by all (except Gary).” Jon Sobel, blogcritics.org

I’m in Love With Your Wife, Alex Goldberg’s new screwball comedy about marital infidelity, is very very funny.  Add to that script a talented cast and great director, and you have a hit on your hands.” – Duncan Pflaster, Broadway World.com

“Delicious humor, sophisticated wit, and oh so many quotes to relate to, that is, for those of us who have experienced relationship dilemmas.  The urban “condition” floats freely evoking unbridled laughter and real audience engagement.”  Roberta Zlokower, Roberta on the Arts 

“The play made me laugh loudly on several occasions, and the cast is quite amusing.” James Comtois, NY Theatre.com

“Wife is certainly worth seeing.” Doug Strassler, offoffonline.com

Changuitos Productions is dedicated to creating and developing new works. Their first foray into producing was the comedy HERMANAS, written by Monica Yudovich.  After a successful, award-winning, sold-out run in the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival, HERMANAS, which featured Denise Quiñones, a former Miss Universe, and Kathryn Kates, Seinfeld’s “Babka Lady,” the play was invited to be part of the first-ever FringeNYC Encore Series which showcased the biggest hits of the festival.  

This summer, they will produce two world-premiere plays by Alex Goldberg in two of New York’s biggest festivals – the 2007 Midtown International Theatre Festival and the 2007 New York International Fringe Festival.  In addition to writing and producing theatre, they are developing film and television projects. 

Changuitos Productions is a proud member of NALIP, the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.


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